Friday, March 4, 2011

cardinal rules

such a moment, a big cardinal proposes during a basketball game to his future wife.  seeing humans dress as a critter is so touching to a ferret.

now, i'm a bit manic, slightly hyper. oooops, this just in:  mary, my tormentor, "sam, slightly hyper? you are as hyper as a rocket on lift off..."  <--me:  mary, so how's your mother?

ok, so i don't stay on subject very long, i can't help it.  it's not that i can be distracted.  people think ferrets get distracted very quickly, and this is NOT true.  if i want to get into your sock collection, or the top drawer and take a nap? trust me, i will work it till i succeed...

let's just say a story of this sort will only warrant a few moments, then i go find something more interesting to investigate

so i was thinking, wow!  a big red cardinal, at least they weren't called the Wilmar (Minn) High School Squirrels.  that would have almost certainly generated a quick "click"

squirrels are the bane of ferrets.  they are always getting Geico commercials,  yucking it up for the cameras, dropping nuts on my head as i stroll to the woodpile to visit the field mice.  who do they think they are?

the comments were funny:

A cat, by the name of CM wrote:  This is boring news. Too many people trying to come up with "unique" ways of proposal, or wedding ceremonies or even weird first dances at the reception. I think it takes away from the romance and dignity. Your wedding shouldn't be a performance. You shouldn't be trying to get the attention of media you should be focusing on each other.

"The Legend"  himself dressed as a Super Bowl Trophy:  I've seen my share of this sort of nonsense...proposals and even weddings at halftime of college basketball and minor league hockey games. It's always embarrassing and people always clap - then make fun of the whole thing.

this comment by Mitch, a 1 1/2 year old summed it up nicely for me, oh out of the mouths of babes:   Oh for gods sake lighten up.   You tongue-clacking biddies want to tell everyone how to do everything. If he liked it and she like it - who the #%%^&* cares what you nags think?

mitch and i gotta team up!

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  1. Very cute...although, you'd think she'd find it a bit disturbing when he took off his head like that.