Tuesday, February 15, 2011

there can never be enough of a good thing

  blogspot provides easy to read stats, and is very search engine worthy, since it is owned by almighty god...errrr i mean Google, the search engine giant.   this stat screenshot  was at midnight after most of you went to bed, and even then it shows 9 "views" .... 

        multiple outlets for our voice is key

   i had opened an account at blogger.com  which is a hub of sorts for all blog connections; and i have been looking for another blog or two to open.  my social media coach seems to think i can handle cut/paste pretty well.  

@hylamolander informed me she had over 70k views on  http://scribd.com  i moved over there with my awesomely useless, vitally inneffective dating tips, hopefully there will be no police involved in the taking thereof too seriously.   even more recently @alikat747 has encouraged some of this cross-marketing herself

  two points are important to bloggers:

      a.  if you are comfortable where you are, open another blog somewhere else, and cut/paste the entire contents to your new blog, adding a page a day so as not to bombard your new set of readers.  no point in turning them off before you get to know them. but definately open a new blog today

      b.  use the stats feature provided by the vender, in this case google because you can develop "key times"  to post your new blog entry

in another article, i read what we have all probably suspected, that the best time to post a blog "tweet" is between 4 and 5 Eastern Standard Time.  there are other peak times, say between 10 and 11 am EST, and of course Friday at rush hour.

  my own statistics mirror the results of the article, and i have taken advantage of these "trends" to enlarge my blog following, and to promote other people's blogs.

       i blog primarily for my own entertainment  purposes, and actually nap and dance for a living.   i am also thinking of taking up training masseuses;  teaching them how to dress, giving them tips on technique and the all important art of the oil rub down...

      now if i could just get my manic uncle freddie to quit driving through  my flower beds with his lawnmower....


  1. Man that sounds like a lot of work. It take me long enough to concoct new uses for the word "booger" in my blog. Maybe if I had your insight into dating...

  2. Very insightful...I will definitely have to consider this and check into some of these other blogging sites. It might also give me the incentive to read the blogs I've wanted to but don't because they're just not readily available from this site. I know, don't say it...I'm the epitome of the laziness our techno-savvy world has created. On a side note, I can't wait to see how Stephen Thomas works the word booger in to his new entries.