Saturday, January 8, 2011

everybody's got one

research shows kids born in 2011 won't know what CD's are, what it's like to go to!!! take away my starbucks and traffic jams, but not blockbuster... apparantly society is banking on the cell phone being around for awhile, the world is truly going over to the ubiquitous device in a big way.  there are like 1.5 billion pc's on earth, but 5 billion cell phones.

the only people left on the planet without cell phones are two cannibals in the amazon delta, and they are just waiting for a floating cell tower

this week a lady can literally say her cell phone saved her life: not by making a phone call to 911,  not because she was able to make an appointment at Raul's Hair Salon, a true emergency.  this lady's cell phone stopped a bullet from a would be mugger/sociopath murderer type.

and there were two ladies released from prison in mississippi friday who'd been locked up 16 years.  they were so impressed with cell phone technology they immediately asked to download an application for welfare benefits. a hallmark moment if ever there was one.

it is rumored that on thursday, a teenager actually used a cell phone to make a phone call!  we have ferrets investigating that rumor, more news at 11.

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