Thursday, January 6, 2011

homeless radio voice guy

it's ok to be manipulated by the press, by politicians, by momentum, by inertia, by sex, it's an everyday thing to be manipulated by advertising.  madison avenue spends billions getting us to buy things without us thinking we are being manipulated.  so called "internet marketers" specialize in selling products to other internet marketers-who by the way, acknowledge they enjoy being manipulated by each other, indeed thrive on it.

but the viral video yesterday of homeless voice over guy has to be the greatest mass manipulation by a videographer and his subject matter to date.  when i posted a retweet of the guy's voice, i just thought he had a really great speaking voice, and thought:  "this is cool"  at that point there were approximately 100,000 hits on  by lunch this was up to 4.5 million, as of this morning, thursday, less than 24 hours since it was posted, the link has 11 million! 

now, the manipulation wasn't so much that the video went viral, i think alot of people were just like me, we were astonished, absolutely astonished at this guy's speaking voice, to wit:

(Video Removed from Internet as fast as it came on)

i was not the only one impressed with this voice, as in fact homeless radio voice guy knew full well he was talented.  i am even more impressed by the ferocity and intensity and SPEED of this manipulation.  it doesn't hurt that the homeless guy was discovered by a do gooder video guy who works in the press, who had a youtube account, awesome equipment, and apparently, didn't mind if he stopped at a greenlight, and pissed off the cars behind him... everything all just coincidence? right? 

we have just come off the holidays, we all want a feel good story to brighten our day, we want horatio alger to make it.  i am sure the video guy just wanted to help another human being, but was that his job in the world to manipulate us all using the position as reporter and member of the "professional" journalism corp to get this guy a job, and a plane ticket to NYC to visit his mother?  did anyone stop to think maybe she didn't want a visit? she never sent him a ticket.

i venture there is a bit more to this story than meets the eye, and we have not heard the last of homeless guy by any stretch.  drug addiction and alcohol problems aside, this guy has issues, homelessness doesn't just occur, it's a process for some people, and often they are recluses from society for a reason.

for now, let's be happy he is getting his second chance, and that some video producer who didn't bother to do any background check, or get him psychological evaluations gave him a shot.

maybe the intensity and ferocity of this whirlwind was not what the doctor ordered?


  1. cynical. and yet curiously on point.

  2. The Smoking Gun posted his felony records on their website - - so you're right, there's more than meets the eye. I can see this blowing up in someone's face and of course, the media will be there to make sure everyone knows.

  3. We are already seeing CNN and ShowBiz Tonight, etc, starting to question and backlash a bit about the "Instant Phenomena" .... I think we will see more of this type of thing, which will double the pressure on Homeless Radio Voice Guy. Hate to think that this has been thrust on this guy, and being generous, loving Americans we all want the best for him. But it's tough on a guy who doesn't stay in his meetings, support groups, AA, NA, or whatever. If he doesn't stay in treatment, he has a greater chance of slipping back into his old ways, than he has of going on to be a success. That is the sad truth about addiction in America that was not thought out before the Videographer sent this story viral. Pls feel free to comment.