Thursday, January 6, 2011

#followfriday #ff Read Dis

i like the #FF in front of my name, so use it, call it an addiction. i have my cute little meter over on the right, and it's pointed out in this blog in earlier entries that i am not really dead last for #followfriday (properly hashtagged) but a ferret can dream can't he? i think i'm 66th this last week in the world, not too bad for a freakin ferret

sam's quick tips for #ff  #followfriday:

   1.  start early to avoid twitter crashes, wed or thursday is fine

   2.  start following wed and thursday, so ppl will follow you back and reciprocate i'll follow as few as 200 new ppl, as many as 500 since they won't all follow back, i go from list to list of ppl i like ie: writers, artists, musicians, and  follow 100 from each type, and then move on till i have a good sampling

   3.  don't try to mention every single person that follows you back on friday, you won't be able to mention everyone without going to twitter jail (suspension)

   4.  where you are group mentioned?  cut and paste everyone's name into a tweet, and RT it, so the other endusers know you are doing it, the RT Button may or not be checked by any of them.  so when you cut/paste the RT then you take a little more time, but it's much more productive in the long run

   5.  basically i'm saying flat out, i do not like the RT button, at all for alot of reasons, and i tend to completely lift the tweet out of the time line with cut/paste, and NEVER use the RT button, unless i am gratuitously doing someone a favor which is what i do sometimes when i am feeling lovely and awesome, and a really nice ferret, which aint often

   6.  you can group mention people by category, if you have ten writers the group hug concept works well, 6 bloggers on blogspot? maybe lump them into a group tweet, and put the #FF in front - 7 lawyers? maybe you can take them out and....  oh wrong bar, sorry

   7.  always put  #followfriday @Samuel_Clemons  in front of all your tweets, and make a ferret happy!!

     I will love you and snuggle up, and if you are good to me, i'll climb up on your shoulder, and let you carry me around like that,  will balance up there nicely, and get a good view of the world from a better vantage point...  right next to your ear.   God Bless Your #FF  wiggle wiggle

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  1. But I love your name! you're a ferret named Samuel Clemons!

  2. Funny... this #FF thing... I remember back in the My Space era, I had 18K friends and everyday was gathering friends. When that started to die out, maybe 20 out of that 18K were actually on My Space. Then Facebook came along and I never got past 200 friends... but that is a different furry animal. So I prefer to just keep it to family and close friends, as I’m sure most people do.

    But this Twitter stuff... as it’s been said, it is the first true social networking. There is no wall between people as there is in Facebook. In Twitter you can directly contact anyone. I’ve spoken to Simon Pegg and Rosanne Cash directly... mind you, as with anything in the internet; it could simply be an uncle Freddy sitting at a computer pretending to be... but whatever... I give the benefit of the doubt.

    Anyway... happy #FF day my friend.