Saturday, January 15, 2011

fallen angel

ok, you CAN FOLLOW anyone on blogspot on the right, you'll see "FOLLOW" which is NOT like Twitter, you won't see anything, nothing will happen, it's largely symbolic, however, if you are a blogger, in blogspot, you can surf through all the recent posts quickly, and see the headlines, sorta like looking at the morning paper.

i have been battling twitter today, my laptop overheats, and using New Twitter has been a chore, so I am opting out for the easy route:  blog up.

a funny writer, who like me, occasionally get's sidetracked by serious subjects, @NoSpankYou or "Fallen Angel" on Twitter has mentioned a certain ferret in her post, so there you have it, editor's prerogative: 

Blog Post by the Fallen Angel

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  1. And it looks like you found one of the pics I was planning to use next week. *LOL*