Monday, January 10, 2011

winter weather

  i took a trip through the south once trying to beat the snow.  i made it through chattanooga, and kept going.  i was passing alabama state troopers who'd never driven in the snow, i kept up the pace.  but even me, who has driven aplenty in the white stuff, eventually had to pull over, and take a room at the Birmingham Hilton.   the power went out, we were eating our buffet style menu for three days by sterno and candlelight.

  the official announcement was as inexperienced and bewildering as the response itself.  the governor alerted the National Guard to stay home.  yep.  brilliant.  his reasoning was that it would be "better to wait until the snow stops to venture out"  this to a bunch of guys with trucks, and equipment.  now, given that the governor had no experience, you'd think i could forgive the idiot, but exactly what cart did he fall off to come up with: 'stay home till it get's worse' theory? 

  needless to say, my experience, and the upcoming storm sweeping the south from arkansas to georgia are related somehow.  i just can't get over the lack of any response whosoever.  it's like collective "do nothingness"

 so rather than making stupid announcements about subjects of which they know nothing, i am encouraging the authorities this snow storm to make honest announcements, something like:

    we have no experience with this kind of thing, so we are not making any stupid announcements,  we don't want any ferret investigations down here.  we have our hands full with the blackbirds.  that is all, return to Oprah


  1. more time since my comment seems to have been arbitrarily disgarded. As a native Floridian, a momentary Georgian and a transplanted Southerner in Michigan, I have to agree with you - anything over 1/4 of an inch and the south shuts down. In all honesty though, it's probably best that way...that's also when the drunk rednecks like to play on the streets. *LOL*

  2. OH MY GOSH ~ totally beautiful ferret pic, SAM! I was just saying how awful, but so very happy you weren't stranded where squirrels are on the menu. You may have been terribly uncomfortable with 'those' stares. Where ever you are today, stay warm, fed with your fav foods, and well napped my friend!

  3. What drunk rednecks, isn't that one a dem thar oxycontinmorons? don't dem two terms sorta just go together? there was a time, i couldn't even spell LOL now i are one.