Saturday, January 1, 2011


we talk about peace in the world, peace toward others, peace between nations.  one of my favorite recurring themes on twitter is to say "when elected i can bring world peace through more naps and dancing"

peace with others is only obtainable when we have peace within ourselves.  we can't attempt to have a settled, serene existence until we learn the trick of happiness.

serenity or happiness is a decision we make each moment, and moment by moment.  we have to decide that no matter what life throws at us, we can and DO HAVE A CHOICE:

     *  we can stomp our feet, start "thinking" about it, obsess, and get irritated

     *  we can realize that the moment is fleeting,  that we can choose to be happy, and contemplate a moment of peace and serenity in the face of misery

 as a ferret, i have all kinds of issues ppl don't think i face:  i have to steal the cats stuff,  i have to hide my human's remote, sometimes i dance so hard, i fall off the sofa, and land on my back, i'll be crawling around dark closets, and find spiders or worse!  and yet, life doesn't end, i don't make a big deal out of any of it, i have to keep sniffing things out, keep moving forward, i can't get all manic and crazy and upset about the little stuff.

    my first post of 2011 therefore is a resolution:  make peace with myself in order to make peace with the world and my fellow creatures. 

    i can get or  take whatever adversity comes along, indeed, i will whether i like it or not, but it makes it so much more pleasant if i don't get upset, don't keep thinking too hard, and just move on...

    i have a choice, and i choose peace, with myself

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  1. You're one wise little ferret, Sammy! It really is a choice, but it's not always easy. Thx for your repost - it reminds me that even if it's not easy, it's always worth it!

  2. Inner peace I have found through my rock Jesus.