Monday, January 17, 2011


laughter is a medicine. scientists don't know why it works, it just does. more research is needed.  ferrets have been entertaining humans for thousands of years.  hearken back to the first encounter:

    man:  ug ( translates to,  look, a little white curious creature over on the edge of the tribe's campfire, looking at us )

   uncle freddie:  "this guy's a moron"

   man:  ug ug  ( maybe it's friendly )

   uncle freddie:  "ok, everybody, let's show em what we got"

the ferrets broke  into their cabaret number, entertained the humans a bit.  one ferret got picked up, and gave the human a nosy snuggle. another stole shiny little objects which lay around, and they all disappeared happily back to their burrow, split the loot, and took a nap

this was repeated over, and over, the humans kept losing their stuff, the ferrets kept entertaining the humans and making them laugh

funny how it's all worked out so well, and for so long - millennia.  no matter how much the humans lost, they knew the benefits were greater than the costs.  at some point, a tribal meeting must have occurred

     man:  ug ug ug ( we keep losing all our stuff, those critters come in here, dance, and entertain us, and while we are laughing they steal all our good junk )

    man's wife:  but they do it so happily, and they make me laugh

    man:  ug


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  1. I laughed myself silly...then I laughed myself sick...but thanks to your links, I can now laugh myself healthy!

  2. What a cherished long standing Ferret tradition, you must be so proud and we are proud of you for continuing it through all these long years! Ferret power baby rules! Laughter too!

  3. *chitters* yep wez good at entertaining dem hoomanz and dey make da best shiny stuff.

  4. So that is the history of a cabaret! I have always wondered.... Thanks Sammy! Now where did I leave that other earring?