Thursday, January 13, 2011

how to dig out this winter

i put on my ferret headset, and started my morning routine, the goal to steal a poptart where they are on the counter, i didn't even bother to nibble a hole in the corner, i just snagged the package, wrapper and all, and hauled it under the sofa. it'll stay there for a month, maybe six; still be good, the half life of uranium, i'm sure. i was feeling good, got the business end of morning taken care of, i hadn't danced, but things were going well.  the door bell rang.

i had asked a neighbor pup or two over here to clear the snow from around my burrow, dig a path to the mailbox; i was waiting on a new set of goggles to go with my headset

the two at the door certainly were not the neighbor pups, two busybodies more like it.  for standing there in the snow, obviously, doing their God's honest best not to isolate were two women, two gorgeous ladies.  smiling the warmest brightest smiles at me, so that i tossed my headset and smoothed my shiny coat absently, while flashing my dashing best.

one @piperbayard was holding a coin belt get up, for belly dancing.  now i am a dancer, a great dancer, but i haven't tried belly dancing, and this weird vision of myself took hold:  a handsome, good lookin hunk a ferret wearing a belly dancing coin belt and scarf combination... 

thank God that vision only lasted so long,  and i looked at the other good looker, @askbellawagner holding a Red Cashmere scarf, feeling like J Peterman on Seinfeld, i have to get on with this blog post.

i thought they made a pretty convincing pair, whatever they were up to.

they didn't keep me waiting: "hi" said @piperbayard "i'm a belly dancing attorney" then "and i'm your new publicist" said @askbellawagner

we heard the ruckus.  laughing and jumping, frolicking through the snow, the herd of ferret pups ready to dig me out; their excitement infectious, wiggling and jumping over each other as they got distracted three times per bounce.  such a commotion had never been witnessed by these two gorgeous ladies, and before i could even ask them in, they handed me the coin belt and red scarf, and turned toward my diggers.

and those two ladies could work, and still have fun!  laughing with the little critters and working their way to my mailbox was quite a sight.  no strangers to "digging right in" i don't know who had the most fun, but i had tea brewing...

it was gonna be an interesting day

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  1. Ok sam! Now I'm jelouse! I wanna b in one of your blogs! Not just my video! :o) but anyway this was very funny! As usual u don't dissapoint!! Silly furt! ;o)