Sunday, January 23, 2011

royal pie

i was sitting at my writing desk in my goggles and headgear, chewing a pencil.

the whirlwind that blew excited my paws

sitting down to watch the game, and fire up "my twitter" it started out encouragingly enough  @falloutgrrl wished me a snuggle wiggle, i'm a sucker for those

immediately i was presented by my publicist @askbellawagner that the little brat, @samdaferret had bet against her and wagered his allowance on the Bears;  the hectic encouragement to use my magic powers on Green Bay was not needed, as it looks like DaFerret has worn the wrong cap again

then i was informed that arnold wanted to buy the throne of california by @dirtygarnet editor of a newspaper by the same name,  yea, that's right the dirty garnet.

i was mid tweet when screenwriter, @musinks appeared on the roulette wheel we call twitter, and informed me it was national pie day.  this of course sent me into manic mode.

in the midst of spewing endless anecdotes, i was given such helpful tips as:  @MouseRoar "I have blueberry coffee to go with your pie"

and this lovely tip:  @NoSpankYou  Sam, mental note:  do not take anything from @darksideintern that is covered with chocolate    

hyperspaz already, my goggles were beginning to fog up, as the tears of laughter  and giggles erupted,  wiggling at my desk, folded over in glee 

i needed that laugh, for just then,  alice @worldsbarsgurl  showed up, and seduced me into a screaming match, which means loud noises and displays of affection usually across and in front of the entire planet

and in all that, i'd forgotten that Garnet was still waiting, probably swilling booze, developing ways to torment the next PM  i tossed him the following drivel:

   Look Arnold can't afford new laws to become President, @DirtyGarnet so he'll just have to purchase a Throne

  so all arnold ended up with after all that was my sarcasm, he shoulda offered me a part in his next movie


  1. I stand by that piece of advice...Mole asses should NEVER be chocolate covered - of course, whatever @DarksideIntern wants to do on his own time is, of course, his business. *LOL*

  2. Two thoughts spring to mind, i wish they hadn't. The first is that no ass should be chocolate covered, which might leave a terrible burn after cooling and eventually falling off. OUCH!!

    And of course, Uncle Freddie reading over my shoulder insists on adding: "Tell em, this is gonna be good, Sammy, tell em you wouldn't know, you've never seen a mole's ass..

    "Oh, and Sammy? You're still a moron"

    Why can't Uncle Freddie get his own blog?