Monday, January 10, 2011

it's a living

this just in: Sam, if everyone in your family is named Uncle Freddie, why do they call you Sam Clemons? Me: i have gray whiskers.

so, since every single ferret on the planet is named uncle freddie, here's one called skat man, sent in by Falloutgrrl on twitter.


now, we can't really roar, we have pr ppl around the clock trying to give us fancy dubbed over voices... actually, when we speak to people, they freak out, so the Great Pop Tart in the sky has deemed us to keep pretty quiet about what we know.  just remember, with a secret plan to take over the planet, next time you hear of a ferret, we don't really roar, and our snuggles may just be an attempt at manipulation.  hey, we steal stuff, and can't help it, it's what we do.

steal, snuggle, steal, snuggle...  it's a good life if you can get away with it

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  1. After I got over my initial 'what in the Sarcastic Sam heyail' is going on over here, totally luved it. That wuz some 'skat', but hey from you, Ima learning FERRETS are HIP!

  2. Love the video!!! Of course, the first time watching it I nearly had a heart attack when it started, but that's what they do. *LOL*

  3. The tongue at the end is perfect. I agree you ferrets are good at stealing and snuggling.