Tuesday, January 18, 2011

not postponed, just forgotten

i hadn't really been putting off this post, just forgot about it. thus my resolution to myself is intact  

the wooly mammoth is coming back, a dog named chico almost got eaten by a drunk owl, regis philbin announced his retirement, @stephenthomas15 posted some new jokes on his blog; twitter alerts keep going off on my timeline showing that ferrets have taken over twitter's microphone, an ice storm afflicted the normal web and flow, and i forgot to follow people back

got so excited i took a nap


  1. A book on nap taking...is it guaranteed to put me to sleep?? Is it filled with bedtime stories?? Or elves that will magically appear once I'm asleep and finish the blog entry I've been working on??

  2. Sam, absolutely a sane, normal, usual day in the year 2012!