Monday, January 24, 2011

squirrels are nuts

i've switched my blog posts the last couple of days to evenings, and the schedule sucks, a ferret likes to get out of a morn, and get the important stuff outa the way, steal a few vital items, hide em under the sofa, drive the household insane looking for the car keys, then give a cute innocent wiggle all the way back to the cage and nap it all off

so tonight, since i spent some quality time commenting on other's blogs, that qualifies in my mind as a blog post, nothing manic mind you, just a comment on a subject dear to my heart from  by Fallen Angel ..her first post (she's outpacing me) was about "specie profiling".  many fine comments by the way, feel free to leave one.  I have taken my comment from her blog and considered that my daily post hereto,  to wit:

finally, OMG that windbag, ProNet shut up!! has to get all philosophical, logical, and stuff, jeesh. like if these idiots who judge each other were logical, they'd invest some time in thinking of ways to help other werewolves, maybe get dracula a break or somethin. why just the other day.....

my uncle freddie spotted a cute squirrel out on the front lawn, but he didn't really understand she was a squirrel, he saw a wiggle, a furry tail, he was thinkin, now that's a mighty fine tail.. which of course it was, but it was a squirrel! squirrels are wild, and kinda nuts ... the women squirrels, always chattering, and they eat like slobs, dropping pieces of acorns all over the place. simply put, ferrets don't like squirrels, and we just don't really know any squirrels, so it makes sense we aren't going to like them, so why bother fraternizing with them?

well uncle freddie just cast a glance my way upon recognition, and started for the door, knowing full well at the moment that she was indeed a wild, nut eating squirrel..

i looked out the window, and observed him in action, his paw gestured to our burrow, and before i knew it, he was introducing me to our neighbor. a squirrel!! first one i'd met, and in my burrow!!
her name was gabby, she didn't stop carryin' on, and i was delighted at making a second pot o' tea.

uncle freddie sure is a charmer 


just a little funny vid unrelated to this story


  1.'s like I traveled to the future last night! Maybe there's more to these blue sparks flying from my fingertips than just a little extra static electricity...I may have to play the lottery this week.

  2. Sorry, Sam. My sympathies are with Uncle Freddie. You see, my husband's family felt like you do when he brought home a bellydancer.

  3. Well, it's obvious, the ferret won. Did you see him/her wiggle under the covers and behind the grate? That's ferret for you. Kitten was too confused to figure it out.

    Now, a video of a ferret vs a squirrel ...

    Sorry about your Uncle Freddie.