Friday, January 21, 2011


i was so excited, i'd seen china on the history channel, a big dam was being built, the largest in the world!  then i saw the white house was entertaining the chinese president, and there were pandas.. pandas! i had to go to china.

i was gonna' go  first class, spare no expenses, i was going to travel to china in style......right through the flower pot

now my burrow mates were ok with this, but they didn't want to participate, with barely a goodbye, and "see ya" it happened all so quickly

i was diggin' and diggin' and was going to get there, when the potted tree fell out, and all over the floor.  half way through my trip, i got tuckered out, my energy petered out, and  that's where they saw me

my pet human found me asleep in a big pile of dirt, curled up, in the biggest mess they'd ever seen.  the human trip was only a day and half, and in that time i'd dug half way to china

i got picked up, and whisked off to my hammock with a snuggle and kiss...  i'll have to start all over again one day

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  1. Awww Sam, keep dreaming of China, but don't you dare take another venture until you have all your foreign country traveling shots first!

  2. I hate to get all technical and stuff, but did you make sure that digging straight through will get you to China and not Australia or Russia? I'd really hate for you to miss that left at Albuquerque and have you end up in the Arabian desert - I've seen the Bugs Bunny could really spell disaster.

  3. I don't always think these things through. It sounded like a pretty good idea.

    Think about my accomplishment, how many ferrets do you know who can dig half way to China?

  4. Yet if you'd have surfaced you'd have been in the beautiful island bunchlet of Hawaii!

    Or possibly in for a watery death.


  5. You know this flowerpot was probably made in "china" if you dig to the bottom of it and see the word "china" you could stop and say you dug all the way to china..... Just a suggestion

  6. OK, large bosomy one. Now that's just about too logical by half. If I had thought of that, then I would have had a different outcome entirely. AND, I would be stating: "I dug clear through to China" ...

    Hey, wait a minute, now that you mention it, that sounds like a terrific idea!!!

    Where's that plant???