Friday, January 7, 2011

#followfriday excellence

  been a great day! lots of mentions, at least 400 by my count, roughly.  managing the entire process is quite a challenge, well, for a human, us ferrets take it all in grace, don't we?  fall off the sofa dancing too much? no problems, just act like nothing happened, keep dancing.

  a bit annoying is the fact that whether you have 200 ppl following you, or 100,000 is that twitter jail exists, which is code speak for getting suspended.  now, it is probably not good PR for twitter to toss a ferret in jail.  that makes no sense.  but i've seen them toss some pretty decent characters in jail, bugs bunny, retired people, music accounts, they don't care. 

  the point is i am right at about 189 tweets, maybe a few more, or less, i didn't count exactly, but i was close, and i have no way of knowing what they consider "too many"  or when they started counting anyway, the idea is to be cognizant of the fact, and not get suspended. 

  if i get my little paws typing too fast in the past, i just give it a rest, and watch the cat, who gets annoyed, and she shuffles off into the other room.  then i look at the dog, who doesn't even wait to get annoyed, he runs off in complete, total abject fear.  still can't figure out what his problem is, the wimp.  all i ever did was take a flying leap at him when he was sleeping, and danced on his back, he hasn't been the same since. 

   this just in: "sam, your long windedness at times is enough to make the most loyal reader cringe, you get way off track."  that from tommy in westchester, conn.  thanks for that tommy, you're mentioning loyal readers like that really brought out the nap in me. 

   so, having taken a break from tweeting, i decided to follow a few more people since i was at this whole #ff #followfriday experiment with such intensity.  so, being the scrappy critter, i did what anyone would do at 11pm at night, i followed a couple of hundred people in australia.  which didn't work out that well: a. they are all outside getting sunburned and b.  it's freakin saturday!

   then i hit twitter's 'follow' limit - which they say is 1,000 per day, and i can't believe that was the actual number i followed, but let's say i did.  no problem, i'll dump some ppl from last week who've already judged me, condemned me, don't like me, or are otherwise just idiots, and move on....

  not so easy.  tweepi, the tool i use for that, which is free, and excellent for dumping, cause i can go to the last page and "flush"... well tweepi is i am stuck writing in this blog about twitter rather than getting anything done on twitter

   and there you have it, the moral of the story:  i made a resolution to write everyday, and i have kept it.  we lead by example, we don't expect someone else to always be the example, although that's ok.  we have to be an example to ourselves, to have a level of excellence and character that we live up to, because we have determined that is what we will do. 

   i could have just let yesterday's  two blog entries cover me, and might have slept well with that.... but if I write two on thursday, that's cheating, and who am i kidding but myself?

   here's to and cheers to excellence. 

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