Friday, January 14, 2011

shortest blog post ever written

alot of writers blog on weekends, so here you go,  some quick tips on blogs:

   * use brevity..  you may be my best buddy on Facebook, but i won't finish reading your blog entry if i scroll below the fold, and see you did a "feature" spread for the NYT.

   * tell a story:  ppl remember stories, more than the point you are trying to convey in straight terms.... so if you want them to remember you, tell them a story

   * give your characters quirks, foibles, make them imperfect, do not be afraid to make them  completely, absolutely WRONG... they can't always be right

   * entertain with each word, make each one count, and start cutting down, edit for brevity, constantly be shortening (practice by shortening your tweets) your sentences,  your paragraphs? shorten them,  your page? cut it in half.

   * each sentence should be able to stand alone, without any support from adjoining sentences, and mean something, tell it's own mini story 

     on that note, i am going to write a short, entertaining story...

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  1. Shortening is my downfall...I tend to ramble - both a gift and a curse.

  2. Terrific post, Sam. While I enjoy all your stories, I will say there are many blogs I enjoy that don't tell stories. I can certainly appreciate brevity, though. All the best.