Tuesday, January 11, 2011

more winter weather

there's something about a sledding ferret conjured up in your head; something you have to see to believe.  the camera guy has to get the angle just right, lay down in the snow, and then as i come thrashing down the hill, snow spraying all around me, all the poor guy get's is a set of black eyes coming at him with a look of irrepressible glee...  all that time spent, and all the fella' get's are two little eyes coming at him at breakneck speed.   something struck me of a sudden that this time around, i'd wear my goggles and headset combination.  sure a scarf would be easier, but oh so mundane and practical

i had to send my GI Joe headset to japan and let the nano scientists work on them, and implant some real speakers in the headset, get  a microphone installed that  worked, i don't know how GI Joe and Barbie get by with all that fake plastic stuff, but a ferret generally needs authentic boy toys, or we steal human stuff and hide it under the sofa

now, regular readers know everyone in my family is named Uncle Freddie, even my aunts.  so i had to take the whole group of little freddies out sledding, and got the usual questions:

  "Sam, do you need a headset to go sledding?"  and "Who will you be talking to anyway?"  little freddies are inquisitive, and a cacophony of noise, chatter, a chorus of curiosity and hyper active energy abounded all in a flourish of excitement, none of them doubting for a moment that the fun would not stop, the joy of life so powerful, the clatter they made - simply electric. 

no answer of course.  nothing says i know all and have a hidden agenda like ignoring the question... and  nothing that a hug, snuggle and a slight unspoken head nod doesn't hurt,  just smile and get those little ones up the hill...

   useless the headset may be, nobody would be on the other end, even i can get outa my lair long enough to go sledding.  no i  wouldn't need to be in touch with my assistants, tax attorney, or even my masseuse in the french maid outfit.

    the GI Joe Headset with the 1,000 dollar earpiece implants were not turned on

    but  looked really cool 

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  1. "two little eyes coming at him at breakneck speed" Thank you for painting that picture! I laughed and almost choked to death on my coffee. *LMAO*

  2. I hope you put a warm lil towel on the sled before laying on your tummy, wouldn't want any "Lil freddies" to get frostbite! LOL