Sunday, January 2, 2011

we are all writers

do you tweet? you're a writer
do you blog for fun? then you are a writer

it is pretentious for journalism majors, editors and published authors to think they are "writers" and everyone else is just a hack.  as traditional "paper" book stores and publications like the NY Times move over to digital media, the whole idea that only a few in the press control the flow of news or words is simply archaic and draconian.  anyone can start a rumor, all users of the internet have an internet "imprint" and we need to control our online image, and be sensitive to all these phenomena each time we post.

the internet is a world of words, anyone can blog, gOOgle is based upon words, as is any search engine technology, including Twitter "search".

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is based upon "key word technology" meaning when I type in "famous ferrets" i am seeking those words in subject matter on the internet, and getting better at using keyword technology in my headers and subect lines means getting more "views" or hits.. pretty simple stuff

we are what we write in this world... so write well, spell well, have your stuff edited by someone, and don't take it wrong when someone points out the bad grammar.  every tweet is logged by google.  it may take a few hours to show up, but all our tweets are there. 

we need to be good stewards of our online image, we are what we write, and we are all writers, whether we realize it or not.

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  1. I am not a writer by intention, I have forgotten much spelling, a lot of grammar and my keyboard skills are often a fail as well as being low to no tech about many things cyber and the hardware right in front of me. Upon retirement the outlet for so many face time conversations somewhat dried up, so I'm not a writer by intention, I just like to write something up once in a while! :)