Thursday, January 20, 2011

rocky the maltese

i have nothing against dogs.  i don't fear them, they are curious about me.  hard to think of the last time i jumped on a dog's back to teach them some smoove moves and the dog didn't get completely unglued.  it is so unfair.

nobody told me the dogs don't want to learn to dance.

like this story:  rocky the singing maltese  my uncle freddie has been dispatched to the scene, so we can get interviews with the participants, and to the truth...  just to show i am  impartial, and an "equal specie" neutral journalist/editor type, i bring you the story of

Rocky the Singing Maltese

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the rare, endangered black footed ferret by National Geographic


  1. Sam, I still got the old 'cr*p' barely functioning CPU going. My new 'used/refurbished' Dell awaits except the highly 'tech minded' middle age daughter is now 'resistant' to my decision. Thought we had it all worked out..well is slow to get here, very slow to leave comments n all of that combined with old lady low dang energy levels. So while neither the puter nor me is crashing, here I appear to seek Ferret truths!

  2. uncle freddies maxim: if at first you don't succeed, smash the freakin PC to smithereeens....

    it is exactly that kind of down to earth, gosh darn good advice that folks travel for .... why just the other day two ladies stopped by my burrow.....did i tell you that story? sit down, curl up...